Bhutanese cuisine is one of a kind. I love Bhutanese cuisine because it’s really spicy. And today I will discuss the most famous dish of my country and its called EMA DATSHI. To all the non Bhutanese this name might sound really funny but trust me this is the most spicy and delicious dish of my country and its direct translation in English is CHILLI CHEESE. It is usually served with rice.
There can be two types of ema datshi one with green chillies and one with the dried red chillies. Both are equally spicy and delicious. The cooking process is also more or less the same. And the recipe I am going to write here is the simplest one, we can also call it the “first time ema datshi cooking” recipe, jokes aside this is honestly going to be the simplest way of cooking ema datshi.

Green chillies/dried red chillies, Cheese, tomato, onion, garlic (optional), cooking oil and salt.
As you have noticed I haven’t mentioned the quantity of the ingredients because you can put depending on your likings…depending on how you would want to eat it or how u would want it to look like. So if was the chef I would say “no pressure on the quantity” but we should be a smart cook and at least know when we are putting too much or too less of anything.

Cut the chillies (however you want to eat it), put all the ingredients except for cheese in one cooking utensil and pour some water (just to the level of all the mixed ingredients) and then cook for about 10-15 minutes depending upon the quantity of your ema datshi. Check the dish and if the chillies are cooked enough add the cheese (add a lot cheese for the dish to be tastier) on top and without stirring it close the lid and cook for few more minutes. Once the cheese has melted and spread properly, stir the dish properly and mix thoroughly.
It is then ready to be served, enjoy the spicy EMA DATSHI!!

PS; this is honestly the way I do it since I am lazy  ^ _^


  1. picture credits to Google search engine, sorry i forgot the actual link but got it from Google search.

  2. wai u missed one. the ema datsi wit only cheese, chilli and garlic(no other vegetables). i LOAF

  3. to all the other viewer u can add any other vegetable and make a new emadatshi each mushroom ema datshi, shakam (dried beef) emadatshi and so many other ema datshi like that!

  4. Hi Dee, I am Travelling around Bhutan for a week from Singapore. I am very much amazed at the kindness of people in Bhutan and your blogpost on Bhutan culture explains how everyone can be so kind and caring here. To a foreigner this is a gem and breath of fresh air. It makes me believe that innocence and pure empathy still exists in the world. Let me know if you ever have a chance to travel to Singapore. I would love to share how it is what to do there.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. And I am really glad you had an amazing stay here :)


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