Thursday, June 19, 2014


Hi guys, I am so sorry for not updating the blog in a while but out was out of town for official work and then I was too tired to immediately jump back into blogging so took some time off from blogging. Anyways now that I am back I wanted to do another Bhutanese Cuisine and its called JAJU. It’s a really simple dish which is served in any occasion. Basically jaju in Dzongkha means “veg” and generally it means veg soup. It can be made using various key ingredients like sea weed, pumpkin and spinach. 
The one I am going to explain here is sea-weed jaju but again, the process for any kind of jaju is similar. In fact sea-weed and spinach jaju has the same process. Anyways I will start off with the steps of preparing the jaju:
1.      Wash your sea-weed (or spinach) thoroughly and mince it
2.      Place it in a cooking pot with water, oil, salt, red chili powder (as usual, the quantity to your liking)
3.      You can add a cup or two of milk if you want, this is basically to balance the taste and also to give this nice creamy color and texture to the soup
4.      Add feta cheese (around 50 grams if the soup is for a group of four  to six people OR any amount you want) to the mixture and boil it like you boil any other soup
5.      Taste if the salt is enough and “voila” it’s done
Believe it or not guys, that’s it. I told you, it’s pretty simple and easy not to forget it’s really tasty, I personally really like it. I hope you guys will like it too. Enjoy your jaju.


  1. thank you again Ms Tarla Dalal ;)

    1. now thats an honor :) thanks to you n i hope u enjoyed ur jaju ^_^

  2. Will surely try it ! Sounds simple enough ! Thanks !

    1. Your welcome, i hope you will enjoy the taste as much as i do :)

  3. Could you recommend specific measurements for this recipe

    1. Oops! I dont usally have specific measurements, I just eyeball all my ingredients. Non the less, try using this as a guide (rough guide to be specific) for 1-2 serving
      1. 2 cups of water (add a pinch of salt and red chili powder, 1 tea spoon of cooking oil) bring it to boil
      2. once the water comes to boil, add one handful of finely chopped spinach and keep it on heat for 2-3 minutes
      3. After that u can add half a cup of milk (and feta cheese if you want) and then u r done
      but again, the measurements can change as per your liking and your you just gotta trust your taste buds, the end result should be a soupy kinda taste. Hope this helps