Thursday, April 2, 2015


This article is long overdue, and I want to say sorry to one of my dear friends who have been asking me to do this article. So today I am going to do another favorite of us Bhutanese and as the title suggests, it’s called Tsido pa. Tsido means ribs, so basically it means ribs meat.
It is actually pretty easy to make, nonetheless I will help you first timers make this easy but delicious dish. The ingredients you will need are ribs (obviously), chilies, onion, tomatoes, cooking oil, garlic, ginger and optional ingredients are spring onions and spinach. I love spinach so my recipe has spinach in it
1.      Chop the ribs into desired pieces. (my case I have it chopped to approximately 5cms) you can chop it however you want
2.      In a pressure cook heat cooking oil and fry chopped onions, garlic, tomatoes. And once they start to brown, fry the chopped ribs and season it with half a tablespoon of salt.
3.      After frying the ribs for few mins (2-3 mins) add a small cup of water and cover it with the lid and cook it until the cooker blows 7-8 whistles.
4.      Let all the pressure release from the cooker and place it back on the stove.
5.      Add spinach, spring onion and chilies (either fresh or dried chilies) and add salt on the chilies
6.    Cook until all the water dries and the spinach is cooked
7.      Best served with red rice 
Like I always say the amount of ingredients you use is based upon your taste buds so use the ingredients accordingly. My case I love it when my meat is hot so I use a lot of chilies and salt to season it well.
And another important thing that you should make a note is the amount of water you use and the time you cook depends on the amount of your ribs. If you have lesser ribs you add little water, just enough to cook the meat, we don’t want ribs soup. 
A trick I usually follow is I listen to the whistles, if the whistles starts blowing one after another with not much time gap, it probably means the water inside has dried up so you might wanna check your water because you don’t wanna burn your ribs.
I hope you will all try making it and also enjoy making it. Good luck!