Monday, February 20, 2012


 In Bhutan there are various types of people. But most of us share similar characteristics…as if to separate us from the rest of the world and by that I mean most of us have compassion in common. I don’t know, maybe because we are Buddhist and this is a part of how we were raised as a kid. I mean I still remember how my parent taught me so sympathize with the one in pain, show respect to elders (I was never allowed to call my elder brother by name, I was taught to call him ACHO), share your stuffs, and all those small things in life that makes us a Buddhist.

But with this statement I don’t want people to think that I think less of their religion or their characteristics. I don’t know about them so this is purely a description of common Bhutanese, the way I see them. Considering all the moments of my life and my experiences with the fellow Bhutanese I can say that most of us have compassion. 9 out 10 Bhutanese will volunteer to help you if you are genuinely in need of help. Of course I can’t promise that they will help you in every single thing, but if they can they will definitely make that effort.

And there are people who will go forward upon seeing an old elderly person carrying a heavy stuffs and offer to carry their stuffs, not necessarily to the destination but at least few stops. And most of us while on road, will take time to pay our respect to holy places which stands through the route. And most of us love the country and the king dearly; it clearly shows on our faces that we are in pain when the country and king undergoes crisis. So in Bhutan our king is that invisible, magical string that binds us all together.

Me personally, it brings smile on my face when I see an elderly person or a tiny baby give a hearty laugh. And it brings tear to my eyes when I see someone cry with great pain. And maybe that’s because I am way too sensitive but on the other hand I am pretty sure most of the Bhutanese share this very characteristics. And I think this is a beautiful way that Bhutanese use to keep humanity alive.

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  1. the magical string which binds us all is TRULY our kings:) that i can tel for certain:) nething else i say, u might wanna get it verified at some authentic