Monday, February 13, 2012


Bhutan is a really tiny country, almost like a tiny speck on this huge globe. But still our country stands so strong and it’s clearly because of the Wangchuck dynasty. For those who are not aware of this dynasty, it’s the linage of our kings. Five kings providing five remarkable phases for our country. The country has been and is still moving towards the development.

I think I speak for all when I say my king is my hero because even though he is not around us every single day, he cares for us all like his own family. He loves unconditionally and expects nothing in return. He makes sure he secures our future just like a responsible father. He has no greed for power or arrogance of his position.
This is no advertisement about my king…this is just a true feeling that I have about my king. There can be many things wrong in the world…my country might not be the best, my country might not have the best citizens but I am dead sure of two things…my country definitely has the world’s best king and my king is my hero.

I am pretty sure you are wondering that I say our country has five kings but mention only one king in this writing…this is because I am trying to express my feelings for all my kings. I am sure there was someone just like me who felt like me about her king in each era. So I am trying to represent all those four girls and trying to sum it up as one. But honestly…I can bet my life when I say I am not the only one who thinks my king is my hero…he is every Bhutanese’s hero.


  1. Now m following it:p lol. if u check mine out u can see how much effort i've put compared to Nice work:) n 'bout the our dynasty, i don't think there'd be any king willing to share his power like our fourth king( with the constitutional monarchy thing and with stepping down the throne for our fifth king)

  2. i totally agree and thats why i love him so much...not cuz he gave his people the power but cuz he believes in us like his own children...

  3. Good way to go Dee...nice start of the blog. Keep blogging n happy writing....