Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have been quite lately...that's because my grandfather (my mother's father) recently passed away, the man born in 1924 finally returned to ashes in 2012. It was a really sad news for the entire family. He was a religious man like most of the Bhutanese...and he was blessed because not only his four daughters loved and cared for him, so did all his grand-kids and great grand-kids. It was heart breaking news for everyone in the family because most of us couldn't have final words of good bye with him since he was at our village, in fact just last month he was here at Thimphu with one of my aunts but he insisted on returning to his home...perhaps he knew about his last day.

From what I learnt from our family members who were with him at the end...he woke up with the rise of sun and slept forever with the setting of the sun. It was so comforting to know that he died a painless death. He just slept and went away in his sleep. People say, he was a really religious man and earned the right to a peaceful death. We did all the important rituals after him and some are to continue for a long time, but if it means a better life after this life, we are more than happy to do it.

Its been three weeks since he departed yet its hard to believe he is gone, every time I see his picture it hits me with a bang that he is no more with us. But there is nothing anyone of us can do...we can only pray for his confused soul and help him find his way through the dark and hope that he has a better next life. 



  1. Deep condolences for your loss. Indeed, no one can escape the fact that we all have to leave one day. Just be happy that he lived good life and passed away peacefully. Pray for his soul to find the right path. RIP.